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Spotlight On: Hilari Younger of Design Star

By Blogger August 28, 2012

Many of you already know that I've had a design crush on Mrs. Hilari Younger of Design Star. It started back in season 6 when I picked my two designers I thought might win, one of them being Hilari Younger from Dallas. Well, unfortunately I was close but she lost in the second to last episode. When I found out she would be returning on the next season as part of the All Stars cast I was pretty pumped and needless to say cheered her on again. Last week, last Tuesday in fact, I was invited to a private VIP viewing of Design Star All Stars hosted by none other than Hilari Younger!

Really this was such a fun opportunity to get a chance to meet Hilari and some of her fans. Yep, that below, that's me and Hilari. You know how people always say that TV personalities/celebrities seem taller in person? True that. I'm wearing my tallest pair of wedges and she's still like a half-foot taller than me.

The event was held in a theater in Highland Park Village. The snack bar kind of reminded me of one of those vintage snack bars from the movies, all colorful and lit up. It was very cheery.

They also had this swanky little bar-lounge areas that I found really pretty. We didn't spend any time in here but it was pretty nonetheless.

Most of the evening was spent in the lobby, or in the theater. There were leopard print bags of popcorn set up (kettle and regular..ohh-la-la) and complimentary champagne was served as well.

I spent most of the meet and greet taking photos of Hilari with her fans, friends, and family. She was a busy bee, and was obviously the type of person that would take a moment to say hi to each and every person that came out for her viewing which I found very refreshing.

I met her husband and he was such a nice guy, aren't they a cute couple?

After about an hour of chit-chat we all got settled in to watch the second to last episode of Design Star All Stars.

She made it through the episode and since we were watching it live we still had to deal with commercials. She took the commercials as an opportunity to get feedback from us in the audience about the episode. It was a great episode by the way, the were asked to reinterpret the design of the set from the show "The Facts of Life". I really I didn't like the fact that they had to work in teams; I think that late in the season the should be doing solely single challenges, but that's just me.

This was Hilari's Room with DanVickery (he's such a cutie-pa-tootie!) In my humble opinion, the green with the orange was too much. The color palate kind of reminded me of the losing room from the first episode of season six from Design Star. The wallpaper was wonderful though and so were all of the furniture choices. Hilari never ceased to amaze me with her incredible couch finds throughout her two seasons on Design Star.

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The second team consisted of Leslie Ezelle and Tom Vecchione.The color scheme was a little easier on my eyes.....but I felt a little bored by the room in general. I'm definitely not saying I could do it better but I think I expected more of a wow factor.

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After the episode Hilari did some Q & A where I asked a few questions myself and took a little video of her answering others.

Me: "You seem very talkative and charismatic in person, but did you find it hard to be on camera at first? Like, would you ever feel 'camera shy'"?

Hilari: "Hmmm, yes and no. Sort of, it took some time getting used to it, but once I could think of the audience behind the camera it got a lot easier."

(This question she really liked, which made me really happy)

Me: "What was your best moment, the room or project you were most proud of in all your episodes, including season six up until this point we watched tonight?"

Hilari: "Thats a good question! Hmm, I'll have to think about that one. That's a really good question. [guy in the audience shouts: "PVC pipe!"] Yeah, I think that might have been my favorite project, the PVC pipe from season six."

After her Q & A, she showed us some of her pillows from her collection.

Her interior design company is called Ufunkshen, and I believe you can purchase her pillows as well as her interior design services through her website, or at least get in contact with her. She was truly just as funny in person as she was on the show. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet her and I wish her nothing but success in her up coming ventures!

I have ton of photos from that night so take a look through the gallery to see more of Hilari Younger.

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