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Some Pet Friendly Furniture

By Blogger March 2, 2012

Confession: I am obsessed with my dogs. If I wasn't such a tightwad I would probably buy one of those couchy looking dog beds, you know the ones I'm talking about, the ones with the red velvet fabric and the gold tassels. Alright, I'm 90% kidding but I would buy pet furniture if I could find something that would blend in with the decor of my home and that would be size appropriate for my dogs. Currently I have two smallish pups; Josey is a cocker spaniel I rescued about six months ago, and she's four years old and has the sweetest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen. Clide on the other hand, he's actually my roommates dog, but I love him like my own. He's a two year old black Chinese pug and quite the handful. He's such an attention hog, and is just go go go all day long. See how cute they are?

Anyways I digress, I wanted to show you some pieces of pet furniture that won't look ridiculous in your house. These are a few pieces that serve major functions in your home such as coffee tables but also leave a cozy area for your pet to nestle up in. These were shown at this year's Las Vegas Furniture Market and could be featured on online websites in the future.

There were three specific pieces that were designed to fit a contemporary or modern living area. Each had a tan cushion that fit under the table so your dog had an area to lay. They're so much more aesthetically pleasing than that ratty dog bed we all have scrunched into a corner. They're reminiscent of the Ikea lack tables but sooo much cuter because they have the pet area and extra storage.

I would love to put one of these into my living room for Clide and Josey. Then again, I also give my dogs gourmet pet treats, am I going a little too far? Maybe, oh well, at least I know I'm crazy and that's half the battle. Do any of you have a creepy reverence for your four-legged friends?