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Office Space with Attitude

By tara December 1, 2015

Home office doesn't have to mean home boring. Am I right? How about an under the stairs…oh wait, I talked about that already.

Maybe you don’t have stairs. Maybe you’re in a studio and you still really need a designated place to work. And if you have distraction issues, (Ohh..SHINY!) then maybe you need an office space that truly spaces out. What's a girl to do?

Repurpose that coat closet no one is using 'cause it's 100 degrees year round. Or if you're like me, you put your coats in your regular closet – they are just as much part of my outfit as my shoes. It's not like you can put a rich espresso coat with a black power suit. Or a winter white stunner with a camel skirt. I don't have a shopping problem. Really. No matter what my husband says…

Anyway! Repurposing a sad, lonely, and unused closet by turning into a home office nook. Brilliant. Wall mounted desks are truly life savers.

Haeloen Wall Mount desk, a small space solution. It's a desk. On the wall. What???

Especially if you have a need for more work zone area, but you don’t have more square footage with which to work.

Uh-oh. Right?


See him? That's where my Plume belongs! See him? That's where my Plume belongs!

Just mount 2 next to each other. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I swear, when I am flipping through some of our lookbook designed shots I am stunned at how inspired I get.

So yeah, why not mount two of them next to each other? You could even push them closer together so the writing surfaces meet, extending your spread-out arena. (Is that just me? I blame it on only-child syndrome.)

So there you go. Home office with serious attitude, still saving serious space. Love it!

Shoot me your pics of how you style your small space office. #myhollyandmartin


Furniture in this piece: Conbie 2pc Chairs in Red-Orange | Haeloen Wall Mount Desk| Plushen Sofa