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Living In: Twilight

By Blogger June 10, 2011

You should already know it by now, I'm a geek. I am such a geek in fact that I will openly admit I've read the Twilight series more than 4 times. I guess I'm secretly hoping that you all are as nerdy as I am and can therefore appreciate today's post.

The whole Twilight series is nestled in the small town of Forks, Washington, and is riddled with vampires and werewolves. With dark and dangerous tones, Bella's room is a much lighter place to visit with a good mix of femininity and vintage-y. Want the look? Check out these links to get the items featured in this post.

1. Spool Rack, 2. Big Round Paper Lantern, 3. Sheer Curtains Blue, 4. Warm Paper String Lights, 5. Purple Comforter Set, 6. Plush Wolf, 7.Paint Color: 2052-40 Blue Spa by Benjamin Moore, 8. Espresso Lamp, 9. Cactus, 10. Mission Style Desk

-You know you love me-