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Living In: The Big Bang Theory

By Blogger November 13, 2012

As most of you know, I'm addicted to TV. I absolutely love to watch shows and pick out things that I would have in my house from the sets. I think it all started with Friends, I actually bought one of those yellow frames to go around our peephole. And since I have always been a closet geek, I love Star Wars, read comics, and I even have a zombie survival kit (just in case), I really can relate to the characters on the Big Bang Theory.


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From top left: 1. Green Lantern Hal Jordan Bust $84.99, 2. Star Wars Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Disguise $14.99, 3. Markdale Leather Sofa $1599, 4. Plymouth Table Lamp $149, 5. SEI Metal Spine-Style Book Tower $107.54, 6. L'Anatomie Poster $24, 7. Round Glass Top Metal Coffee Table $139.99, 8. Wildon Home Quentin Upholstered Sofa $575.99, 9. Billy Bookcase Medium Brown $219.97, 10. Double Helix Model $53.50, 11. Halcyon Area Rug 8' X 11'6" $1399, 12. Avon II Area Rug 5' X 8' $449, 13. Dry Erase Board $29.09

I really enjoy all the geekery the guys have displayed proudly around their apartment, especially all the books they managed to stuff into their five bookcases. Actually, considering all the hobbies these guys have: physics/ comics/ movies/ computer games, it's amazing how organized they are. I guess that's TV land for you, or maybe Sheldon's OCD.

Also, ever since they brought Amy Farrah Fowler onto the show as a full time cast member I love the show even more. Who's your favorite character? Does anyone else feel like they could completely do without Howard's mother? HOOOWWWAAARDDD! Ugh, immediate headache.