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How To Pick The Right Colors For Furniture

By krys February 20, 2012

Without a doubt, choosing colors for furniture can be a particularly daunting task for many people. As the colors that you choose will most likely be in your home for a considerably long time, it is sometimes important to keep this point in mind during the buying process. Further, it is important to remember that the color of furniture often sets the tone for the rest of the room.

Most Popular Furniture Colors for Living Room Sets

While there are a number of popular furniture colors to choose from, most people intelligently opt for more neutral tones when it comes color choice for couches, chairs, and love seats. Some of the most popular colors for this type of furniture include gray, chocolate brown, beige, and black. However, for people who choose to opt for brighter colors, some of the more popular colors for their main living room furniture include bright red, blue, and various tones of green.

Most Popular Furniture Colors for Accent Furniture

Of course, when it comes to accent furniture that includes coffee tables, end tables, shelves, and related furniture pieces, one must also consider colors . In this scenario, some of the more popular accent furniture colors include espresso or brown/black, black, white, and a lighter pine color. In addition, one also have the option to use metallic tones that include wrought iron, brass, silver, and related colors. In addition, when it comes to accent furniture, there are also individuals that opt for a “transparent” look and thus, utilise glass and/or plastic to set the tone in the room.

How to Choose Furniture Colors

In order to help you decide the perfect furniture color for you and your home, consider the following helpful tips:

  • Consider the colors of other items in the room that includes flooring, carpets, other furniture, wall color, light fixtures, and related decor when choosing furniture colors.
  • For a splash of color, consider purchasing inexpensive accent chairs.
  • Along similar lines, you can add throw cushions and blankets on your furniture for a more colorful and personal touch. These items can also be easily changed out at will.
  • Take the material of your couch or chair into consideration. For example, micro-suede changes color as one runs his or her hands on that material.
  • Try to stay away from loud prints on multiple pieces of furniture in a room.
  • Also keep in mind the 2012 Pantone color of the year, see it in this post here.

Hopefully, choosing furniture colors will no longer be a time consuming task for you. What are your favorite colors for living room and accent furniture?Are you a friend of color, or do you like to walk on the neutral side?