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Hostess with the Mostess 3

By tara December 23, 2015

aka Wine and Bar. Zephs Style.

Glassware racks, bar cart Oooooh, pretty. These are the kinds of things I'm not allowed to have...#clumsy

I love the fall. Everyone starts getting excited for falling leaves, crisp winds, and glitter. Glitter and parties. I don't know why glitter is reserved for evening or why most peeps seem to only love it in the winter. I glitter all day, every day. But that's just moi.

Back to my point. Parties!

Eclipse of the moon = Party! Halloween = Party! Thanksgiving = Party! And the Holidays…partypartypartypartyParty!

So what's a small space girl to do? You want to be the Hostess with Mostess, but your entire apartment could just about fit in a "normal-to-large" house kitchen. I get it. I've been there. You need a party-workin' cart on wheels that serves up self-serve with serious style.

Zeph's Bar Cart setup Uhh, everyone on the planet officially needs a blue wall. Like, woah.

Ladies, gents, and furry friends, I present…the Zephs Bar Cart! Glassware racks? You got it. Stunning smoked glass shelves? Sho'nuff. Bottle storage? Mmhmm. Multi-size shelves for multi-height goodies? Check.

Small space bar storage, bar cart I.need.this.cart.

Look at that sleek gray frame. (Gray!!!!!)

Open concept kitchen, eat-in kitchen, Zeph's Bar Cart Well isn't this angle FUN! Also, can you see him? #wheresplume

And when the party's over Zephs can store your Happy Hour décor with ease. Just roll him to a nice wall or use him as a room divider, he'll hang out and hold it down. Style him up with some flowers or books and he can be business by day, party by night like good ol' Hagio.

open concept living, small space living, zeph's bar cart Wide open concepts!

And the Zephs totally works for all of your kitchen décor. Towels, plates, flatware, you name it – but that's another story.

This cart is absolutely gorgeous. The gray mixing with the glass and the reflections of all of the bottles…le sigh. I could play with it all day. Moving this here, that there, adding touches of yadayada…maybe I need this cart?! Now to convince the hubs…

How do you style your Zephs? #myhollyandmartin <-- I wanna see! And I'll share your pics on the blog and we'll be Hostessin' with the Mostess together!


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