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Hostess with the Mostess 2

By tara December 16, 2015

A lil' while back I talked about some great repurposing of a certain amaaazing desk (Hagio) into a glorious Happy Hour destination. Remember? Well, here's a photo to refresh your memory.

Aaah, yes, it is all coming back to you now.

Well, today I shall build upon that awesomeness and showcase the Ottico 3 pc table set as a truly unique way to get bar storage accomplished.

inspirational image, home decor, open concept living Ooooh -la-la, am I right?

Three tables that can stack, pack, and pop. Woah.

ottico tables as a bar, open concept apartment Stack-em-up!

See how cute this setup is? The multi-tonal paint finishes, the raw wood legs, it all combines for a truly unique take on "bar storage."

ottico bar unstacked, open concept living Un-stack-em down! Up? Both? Say whaaaat?

Keep it up. Split 'em up. The Ottico tables go where you want them to go. Super lightweight, easy to move, and helloooo - they go with everything! So cute. So cute. SO CUTE! And oh so customizable. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To make their home their own. No rules, just right kinda thing?

Mirror tray, table storage, repurposed living Get closer. Really close. No such thing as too close!

I can see it now, Hostess Hagio, Acorra, (click to take yourself back in time) and Ottico. The new three musketeers of happening barware. And by having all three right there, ready for the taking, your options are endless. And the best part is they are completely interchangeable. All it takes is moving flowers, what-nots, and wine glasses to create a whole new look. It could change daily. Hourly even. Your options are endless!

Repurposed open concept living, tables as bar Hey there Hagio, how's it hanging?

I'll say it again, your options are endless. Endless!

Talk to you crazy cats soon. I'm gonna go play in the studio some more. (They really shouldn't let me in there unsupervised.)


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