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Hammer Time

By Blogger February 12, 2013

Yesterday, I was sending thoughts out into the Twitter-verse when I came across this gorgeous  image from Elle Decor Magazine.

{Elle Decor}

Oh I'm a sucker for hammered metal. When I first moved into my condo, the original owner left a hammered metal soap-dish in the powder bathroom. I guess they didn't feel like packing it. If you had only seen my reaction when I came across it, you would have thought I won the lottery or something.

1. Foundry Adjustable Personal Table $299, 2. Copper Tone Hammered Metal Charger $11.98, 3. Ren-Wil Sahara Hammered Metal Chrome Finish Vase $91.95, 4. Hammered Silver Urn with Lid $139.95, 5. Threshold™ Hammered Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker $9.99, 6.  Hammered Metal Cuff $1.00, 7. Hammered Nickel Hurricanes $79.95, 8. Hammered Metal Serving Bowls $5 - $99