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Furniture Facelift: Christi's Couch

By Blogger May 17, 2012

Keep the couch makeovers a-rollin! If you're a frequenter of this blog you may know by now that Christi loves to let me yammer on about the projects she's completed like this one. Most recently she found a couch on the side of the road and knew immediately that this couch was not to be wasted nor passed up.

As you can see the sofa most likely has the original fabric on it, and what a beautiful fabric it is. Haha just kidding. The wooden feet are beautifully shaped but are scratched and in some major need of some love, or paint, whatever. Not to mention the seat cushion much like the one from my couch makeover needs a good fluffing and stuffing. Christi spent a little time picking out the fabric and then took it in to be reupholstered.

I'm totes in love with this sofa. When she told me she would be using a fabric with script on it I'll admit it, I was skeptical about it or even scriptical if you will. Haha. I mean she picked the perfect size font. Too bad we can't figure out what it says. I like to think it says something about how comfortable you will be when you sit on this sofa. She sent me her price breakdown from her makeover:

Fabric, 13 yds @ 9.60/yd = $125.00 (she said she could have gone with about 8 yds)

Couch Curbside = $0.00

Upholstery = $280.00

Paint 1 qt black = $12.00


TOTAL: $417.00

Unfortunately, she had to surrender the couch to someone that fell even more in love with it than she did.

Just kidding, Tuck knows how to share. Check out more of Christi's couch photos (and Tuck's photo shoot) below.

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 Have you had any awesome couch makeovers? What about dogs that think they're humans? I think adding dogs to furniture shoots really improves the photos, don't you? Comment on this post for a chance to win a sidequik document holder that attaches (and can be removed) from your desktop or laptop! We've already given away four of them, the next could belong to you!