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Elegant Recliners

By Blogger June 6, 2011

To get us in the "easy-chair-La-Z-boy" kinda mood I thought this video would be a great lead in.


So is it just me or when you think of a reclining chair you instantly think of a poo-brown colored over-used chair with a permanent "seat" imprint in it, kinda like the one used by the dad in that show Frasier? Just me? Well this line of seating is about to blow all other recliners out of the water.

About this recliner:

This product is from a line of recliners called Immersion Seating, a product with it's interests rooted in design and function. Say bye-bye to chairs that look like they've been upholstered by someones left over golf pants. This chair reclines with ease and has a moveable ottoman included in the set.  To buy this recliner click here. The recliner pictured here is one of their smaller sets but there are many more to choose from if you want something a little bigger and more cushy. Take a look at some of the other models.

This recliner of course is black and it's a little bigger than the first recliner. This particular recliner has a footrest that is sloped and doesn't have an attached side table. To grab up this baby in the picture click here.

This brown recliner is the one that I would choose myself, the ultimate in luxury seating. I mean come on.....look at that squishy backrest, I can completely imagine myself sitting there with some coffee reading my favorite book, Twilight I Ching. The recliners all come in several colors. To purchase my personal fav, click here.

-You know you love me-