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Decorating a Small Bathroom

By krys December 17, 2011

Peaceful Bathroom from Martha Stewart

If you’re anything like me, my bathroom is my sanctuary. I work from home, school from home and share my home with five others, not including my fur babies. When I want to get away from it all – I take a nice, hot bubble bath. However, enjoying some down time in a small, undecorated bathroom might not be very enjoyable. Don’t fret there are a few tricks you can do in your small bathroom to create your sanctuary.

Martha Stewart Painted Bathroom from With Two Cats


The first thing I notice in a bathroom is the walls. If your bathroom walls are painted in a dark color, change the paint color. Select a light color for a small bathroom. Martha Stewart Brand paint has many many options! Light shades will make the room appear larger and will give it an open airy feeling. A few suggestions would be eggshell, light turquoise, pale pink, or tan, or light gray. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before hanging framed art on the walls. Remember before painting the walls, washing them with mild detergent and water will remove dust and grime.


Remove everything from the bathroom and start with an empty room. Decide what knickknacks you want in the bathroom. My suggestion is to select two or three special items and place those in the bathroom. Using more than two or three knickknacks in a small bathroom may make the room seem cramped and cluttered, and after all that is what we are trying to avoid.


Replacing flooring can be expensive. You don’t need to replace the flooring in your bathroom in order to make the room look better, instead consider area rugs. Find a nice rug – preferably one for a bathroom – and place it on the floor. I recommend selecting a rug, one or two shades darker than your wall color for balanced contrast in the room. If you select a dark rug, it could make the room look small. If you are working on a tight budget, you may wish to consider looking at your local thrift stores and consignment stores. Sometimes you can find gently used rugs at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Recycled Glass Vase $12.00, Berlevag Table Mirror $4.99, Mercury Trinket Box $18.00, Vessels d'Art Hourglass $96.85


Every sanctuary needs to be decorated – at least in my opinion. Hang framed artwork on the walls. Select window treatments for the window/s in your bathroom. Remember while selecting window treatments, see-through options are just that…see-through! Placing your favorite vase on your countertop and filling with fresh flowers adds a touch of natural beauty, freshness and the smell of fresh flowers in the bathroom.