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Life of the Party

Hostess with the Mostess 3

By tara December 23, 2015

I love the fall. Everyone starts getting excited for falling leaves, crisp winds, and glitter. Glitter and parties.

Hostess with the Mostess

By tara September 23, 2015

Small spaces need special treatment. That's just all there is to it. You see all of these amazing home tours on HGTV and all of these fabulous DIY projects – but everything is always massive! Huge 18 person sectional sofa, dining table for 42. OK, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. Who has all that square footage? Besides the people on the show, I mean. And uber celebrity type people. Bor-ing!

Slinkin' With the Cool Kids

By tara August 31, 2015

It's Slinky, it's Slinky….you know the rest! And I know you sang it. Don’t try to hide behind a computer screen, I can see you. (Creepy, isn’t it?)

Charcuterie Schmarcuterie

By tara August 27, 2015

Charcuterie at Home

Trend Watch: Greenery

By Blogger December 11, 2012

Chanukah just started and Christmas is swiftly following! What I love most, more than gifts and more than food, is the spirit of joy and peace people seem to carry around during these months, but what I love secondly as much is the festive decorations! I am a blogger and lover of small space interior decor after all, it's just in my nature. Being in the blogging world it's easy to spot the trends, and this season I've fallen in love with greenery. So deck the halls, and deck the doorways, because greenery, both living and imitation, is on-trend this holiday season!


By Blogger September 5, 2012

A certain someone I know is getting ready to celebrate her 25th birthday. I'd love to not only get her a present that I know she'll appreciate but I'd also like to do a nice job at wrapping it as well. It's all in the presentation. I did some trolling through Pinterest and found a few ideas for wrapping Ryli's birthday present that wouldn't be expensive and would be almost as exciting as her present.

Birthday Party Plans

By Blogger August 11, 2012

I know I don't always post on Saturdays but I wanted to share a little bit of my special day with you all. Today I'm turning 25. Happy Birthday to me! Among other perks that come with a birthday, one of my favorite parts is the decorating of the party. I've had a couple of ideas for my party that I want to make sure to execute before the big event this evening.

A Soft Landing

By Blogger August 10, 2012

I was browsing for dorm room themes and furniture and came across this sweet commercial. I've been known to own an IKEA duvet cover or eight. I mean, they are so decently priced and you can change your look for $50 buckaroos. And seeing how growing up I too wanted to be a super hero who leaps into layers of blankets this commercial speaks directly to me.

The Weekender Dallas Part II: Shopping and Such

By Blogger August 1, 2012

I spent the past weekend running back and fourth to the W Hotel and Victory Suites for a smash event for the ladies of Dallas. Friday was the big party night, and it was complete with a red carpet and fashion show. A three day luxury shopping experience, The Weekender Dallas was swarming with goodies and good people. I actually ran into Giselle Phelps, a reporter from CW33 and had the chance to chat with her about a possible future makeover for their office.

The Weekender Dallas Part I: Red Carpet Party

By Blogger July 31, 2012

This past weekend I was able to take part in a great event at the W Hotel in Dallas called The Weekender Dallas, a three day event of shopping, pampering and luxury. I was there for a specific purpose (more on that tomorrow) but I was also really fortunate to enjoy the event as a guest as well. Things kicked off in style on Friday with the red carpet party and fashion show. Me and my coworker, Toni, fit right in, first by getting all glammed up and then hoping into the fancy-pants party bus. You'll have to forgive this top image as the limo/party bus was so bouncy, it was hard to get a clear shot.