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Washi Tape (and other DIY) Disasters

By tara December 28, 2015

This post is coming to life entirely for the purposes of hanging my head in shame. A timeline of disasters from 1 DIY project.

Warm up to Winter

By tara December 15, 2015

Jul 28, 2017 2:25:27 PM

Flip to Fall

By tara November 19, 2015


Bocks Me In

By tara September 8, 2015

As promised, a renter friendly post about making your space POP with color! Carpe chroma: sieze the hue!

Color Me Happy

By tara August 20, 2015

Everyone knows what August means. Labor Day is getting closer, nights are getting longer, and summer's beach days are drifting away: back to reality we all must go! I can hear cringing and sighing and whining from everywhere already! Time to put on our big girl pants and D-E-A-L!

Pinterest Challenge: Woven Belt Chair

By Blogger October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Halloween Spider Eggs

By Blogger October 30, 2012

Fall Leaf Garland

By Blogger October 9, 2012

Black Is Back

By Blogger October 4, 2012

Not every project needs to be a huge undertaking. For me, I like to complete small projects when I can, it helps me feel productive, like I'm actually getting things done around the house. I try to keep in mind something I once read in a book called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. She makes a point to tackle tasks that take three minutes or less in her day-to-day life. I sort of apply that to DIY projects. If it will take less than an hour, why avoid it?

Furniture Facelift: Jamie's Media Stand

By Blogger September 27, 2012

Being someone who has a hard time with media selection and pretty much all things living room, when I saw Jamie's dresser turned media stand I had to share. Here’s her letter: