I hate coming home to a messy house. I think though if I just kept from procrastinating certain things, my home would stay cleaner. Unfortunately, I am known as a binge cleaner (among other things), which means I go through quick, half-crazed spurts of cleaning at any given moment. Honestly, I look like Taz the Tasmanian Devil, but instead of leaving a trail of destruction behind me I leave a wake of clean dishes and freshly dusted surfaces. Upon reflection I realized I could probably be inspired to keep my life a little cleaner if I kept up with a few simple practices.

1. Making your bed every day. I have such a simple bed to make I really have no excuse not to make it. Making the bed can bring about a sense of well-being, and just knowing you made the effort to make your bed can start your day out right. Plus, at the end of day when you come home weary from work, don’t even tell me the sight of a well-made comfy bed doesn’t elevate your mood!

2. The one-touch rule. When letters come in the mail, what do you do with the paper work? If you adhere to the “one touch rule” you’ll find that you won’t have huge stacks of unsorted paperwork cluttering up desks and precious surface space. Once that paper is in your hand you shouldn’t put it down until you have given it a home, whether that is in the recycle bin, the shredder, or a filing cabinet.

3. Cleaning the sink and microwave frequently. I read once that sometimes a kitchen sink can hold more germs than a toilet. Gross. The sink is an area most of us could afford to show some extra TLC. It just takes 3-5 minutes to spray a sink down and give it a good scrub. While you’re at it give the microwave a quick once over with a clean rag and some spray and you’re on your way to a bright sparkly kitchen. It may even inspire you to do more….

4. Portion out food right after you get home from the grocery store. I know all too well how easy it is to go through a brand new bag of chips, there truly is nothing like eating that first perfectly crisp potato chip…..wow sorry I got carried away. By dividing up food as soon as you’ve come home from the grocery store, there will be less temptation to go through a whole bag of chips when all you have is a pre-proportioned sandwich bag of chips. This can also save time when packing a lunch for work or school.

5. Change up some old furniture or rearrange a shelf or two. By shifting around a room or even a shelf you may find new ways to appreciate your home. Read more about rekindling a spark with your home here.

What inspires you to manage a better household?
-You know you love me-

2 Responses to 5 Housekeeping Habits Worth Practicing

  1. Marsha Nikooforsat says:

    I look at magazines and get inspired by everything being so neat and orderly!!!

  2. Marcela Gary says:

    I find it very therapeutic to clean and I do believe that your environment can really affect your mood.